Written by Carla Lopez of boomerbiz.org

Many businesses handle HR internally with 54% of small businesses dealing with employment processes. If you’re doing it alone, you’re likely wasting time that could go toward core business activities that help your company grow. Find out how all companies, even small startups, can benefit from using HR consultants.

Streamline Recruitment

The average time to fill a position is 36 days with screening taking an average of seven days, interviews taking eight days, and making a hiring decision taking an average of five days, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. HR consultants can help you refine your recruitment process to make it more efficient. They can help you attract more candidates, handle applicant tracking, improve interviewing, and other recruitment activities.

They can help you explore various recruitment methods, such as using internships. According to Zenbusiness, hiring interns gives you a chance to train potential full-time employees while testing them out to see if they’re a good fit for the company. 

Amplify Employee Performance

HR consultants can evaluate your overall employee management practices to identify issues and suggest improvements. Many options can improve productivity and employee performance. Examples include:

  • Time tracking and attendance
  • Performance reviews
  • Employee development
  • Mentoring and coaching

Focus on Retention

High employee retention saves you money and keeps productivity high. Calculating your retention rate gives you a baseline, so you can determine if employee turnover is an issue. An HR consultant can help you evaluate your rate and give you strategies for improving it. 

Meet Compliance

Employment law includes lots of regulations that you must follow to stay compliant. For example, employers are required to display certain workplace posters regarding specific regulations, such as the minimum wage and the Family and Medical Leave Act. Specific requirements can vary based on the size, industry, and other factors of your business. You also face compliance issues for payroll. Hiring Burr Consulting makes it easier to understand those requirements so you can stay in compliance.

Improve Training

Training ensures your employees have the skills and knowledge to perform well. HR consultants can provide tailored training programs that fit your company’s needs. Outsourcing your training planning saves you significant time and ensures the training is valuable with the right topics. The training can cover workplace basics that everyone needs, such as workplace violence and harassment, or specific topics, such as managerial training

Help With Benefits

Creating a competitive benefits package is crucial for attracting and keeping talent. Designing your benefits program can be difficult, especially if you have a tight budget. It can be difficult to know which benefits offer the most value and appeal to employees. An HR consultant can help you maximize your benefits budget and choose the perks that your employees really want.

Get a Fresh Perspective

If you’re not an HR professional, you might not know the best practices. It’s difficult to stay current on HR trends when you’re dealing with other aspects of running your business. Using a professional HR service gives you instant access to expertise, which can give you a different perspective and fresh ideas.

Consider HR Consultants

Using an HR consultant can streamline and improve all of your employment tasks and free up your time. Explore the HR services from Burr Consulting, LLC.

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