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Matthew W. Burr was recently featured on WETM18 News speaking about workplace relationships, the recent headlines surrounding sexual harassment in the workplace, and how to be proactive in managing your employees’ interactions and your business.   Click here to watch & learn more.


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Society of Human Resource Management:

“6 Unique and Challenging Ways to Recertify,” Society of Human Resource Management, November 8, 2018.

Achieving SHRM certification is a great professional accomplishment. With this significant achievement comes the obligation to remain certified. And the three-year deadline for recertifying comes faster than we all think.

Many of us recertify by gathering professional development credits (PDCs) through the “normal,” common channels of continuing education, participating in local HR programs and attending conferences (local, statewide, the SHRM Annual Conference, and other national and SHRM conferences scheduled throughout the year). These are all great options for recertification and they provide tremendous amounts of relevant and timely information. But to truly challenge and stretch ourselves professionally, I recommend these six unique opportunities for recertification credits.


Practice Makes Improved, Not Perfect,” Society of Human Resource Management, September 27, 2018.

The SHRM certification exam prep course that I teach at Elmira College in New York state has been a tremendous success: Our pass rate over a three-year period is 93.75 percent for the SHRM-CP and 80 percent for the SHRM-SCP, significantly higher than both the national and international averages. It’s something we are proud of, and I speak not only as a course instructor but as someone who has prepared for and passed an HR certification exam. The unique experience of instructing as well as studying has provided me with insight into how best to pass the SHRM certification exam. 

Society of Human Resource Management (Member 2 Member):

The Rise of Social Networks in the Employment Relationship,” Society of Human Resource Management, August 24, 2018.

Human resources consultant Matthew Burr describes a brave new world of employee recruitment in the digital age.

  • Social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Snapchat provide employment recruiters with an unprecedented amount of information about job candidates and they also provide new avenues for applicants to interact with organizations on an individual basis.
  • At the same time, the new hiring tools bring new risks to both the organization and the applicant. Is there such a thing as too much information?
  • The key to success from the human resources point of view is to put into place consistent, transparent, and fair practices.
  • Meanwhile, for job seekers, knowing the correct balance of appropriate versus in appropriate material is important. Answering the “so what” question.

New York State Bar Association CLE Course Material (Taylor Law at 50):

“The Challenges and Shortcomings in the United States: A Comparative Analysis of Public Labor Union Dispute Resolution Mechanisms,” New York State Bar Association Taylor Law at 50: Bright Spots and Pressure Points Conference, May 2018,

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