Job postings and recruiting are critical components to the long-term success and growth of organizations both large and small.  One area every organization should focus on is creating a job posting that attracts top talent.  Remember, the first look at the organization is through the job posting.

My 5 Considerations on Job Postings & Recruiting:

  1. Answer the “so what”:  Your organization currently has a job opening, so what?  Many organizations have job openings.  What will make your job posting standout from the thousands listed on job search sites all over the world?  Why should applicants apply for this position?  Ensure that the posting tells a story about the organization and position.  What knowledge, skills and abilities are needed for the current opening?
  • Job Posting vs. Job Description:  Be brief, stay concise, be structured in your job descriptions and job postings, be direct, look for inclusive verbiage, specificity, focus on local (unless it is a national or regional search) and stay current.  Using a job description that is 10-15 years old, probably is not a great approach to job postings.  Utilize social media and the tools available in any job posting website.  Remember, review metrics and follow-up with all applicants.  Using a job description as the basis for a job posting is not effective, taking parts of the job description to help tell the story is part of an effective posting strategy.
  • Honesty is the Best Policy: This might be the most important suggestion on my list of recommendations.  I cannot stress enough honesty during the recruiting process.  Be open and honest regarding any challenges and opportunities associated with the job.  If the organization is looking for an applicant to drive change, talk about the changes and expectations.  If the job requires 60% travel, be honest about it.  Most applicants are making long-term decisions within the first 90-days of employment, turnover is costly if we are not having honest conversations about the job itself.  This will impact future recruiting and retention opportunities.  Be positive and direct throughout the recruiting process.
  • Effective, Efficient and Professional Processes: Taking 2-months to follow-up after an initial resume or application is submitted is not the direction we need to go for effective recruiting.  Develop a process to follow-up with every applicant that applies.  If you interview 3 applicants for the position and offer the job to the top applicant and that person accepts the offer, ensure that you follow-up with the other two people that were interviewed.  I cannot stress the importance of follow-up during the recruiting process, treat applicants the way you want to be treated during the recruiting process, it really is that simple.
  • Partner with Search Firms: I have to plug my new business, with a go live date scheduled (delayed from January, but Quarter 1 2021.)  Look for opportunities to partner with executive search firms to fill leadership positions.  Evolution is necessary in the recruiting industry and my goal is to change the way we approach recruiting and retention.  Collaboration and communication are critical to ensure success with any search firms.  More to come on the new organization in 2021. 

Continuous evolution of any processes throughout any organization are necessary for evolution and change.  Recruiting is no different.  Benchmarking and utilizing 3rd party partnerships will drive the changes I suggested above.  Ask for feedback and never be afraid of change.  Talent always has opportunity, answering the why will help in recruiting this talent.

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