Client & Employer Testimonials

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Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Matthew Burr as he helped us conduct an internal HR audit.  Matt’s knowledge of current Human Resources regulations, updated documents, policies and procedures was extensive.  Matt was able to quickly and efficiently identify any changes we needed to make.  He also provided us with templates of business and HR documents that we plan to implement.  These will be an asset to our business.

As a business owner it’s often hard to carve out time for keeping current on the ever changing HR world.  Having Matt come into our office and identify areas of change that were specific to my business saved me time, money and energy.  He was very mindful of my time and schedule and was able to accommodate and complete our checklist in less time than we had anticipated.  I would recommend Burr Consulting, LLC for all your HR consulting needs.  His knowledge, professionalism and thoroughness not only met my expectations but exceeded them.

Shannon Spaulding, Vice President

Porter’s Concrete Services

“As a first time owner of a small business here in the States, it is a challenge to digest the bombardment of information necessary to set-up and run all the many and diverse aspects of a small business. HR issues were particularly nerve-racking to tackle, not knowing where to get professional and reliable advice on a realistic, small business budget. That all changed when I was introduced to Matt. Matt tailored his services to my specific needs and his expert advice quickly answered all my doubts. Matt is extremely responsive and quick to answer any questions I have or fulfill any needs that continuously creep up. He is constantly keeping me informed of changing Labor Laws with his thorough research giving me the reassurance that there is nothing I am missing.”

Anna Isenberg, Owner


“Matt was very pleasant to work with and has a wealth of HR knowledge.  He did a great job delving into a complicated and sensitive matter, providing thoughtful analysis throughout the process.  Matt was very accommodating to our schedule and ensured he made steady progress on the job, keeping us up to date all the way.”

Kacy J. Z. Hagan, Director of Human Resources

Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

Matt designed and facilitated a fantastic series of team building and manager skills workshops  for Cameron Manufacturing & Design. He was able to take our initial thoughts and architect activities and learning that met defined business objectives and provided additional team building interaction.  It also included actionable takeaways that added value from a strategic perspective. The entire management team was very impressed and spoke extremely favorably about the entire program and experience.”

Matthew Sharpe, Human Resources Director

Cameron Manufacturing & Design

“As the Executive Director of a very fast-paced and growing organization, it is sometimes a challenge to keep up with everything Human Resources. Matt was a life saver! Not only did he completely and accurately overhaul our entire Employee Policy and Procedure Manual, but he is also just a phone call away if I need an HR Expert! I am excited to be working with Matt, and the peace of mind he brings to my organization is priceless!”

Rebekah LaMoreaux, IOM, President & CEO

Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce

“Matt was engaging and responsive to the task. He produced a quality salary matrix in a timely fashion and his work was  affordable which is important for a small program such as ours.”  

Michele Gimbar, Executive Director

Schuyler Head Start

“Matt Burr is a strategic HR Consultant that will get you to where you want to be.  I have personally championed Matt for Many years because of his strong business sense.  He is an expert negotiator with strong analytical skills.  Matt’s technology expertise adds additional value.  If you want someone who is a strategic business consultant to get a project done, Matt is the person you need.”

 Joanne Conley-Pease, MsEd, SPHR, HR Director

The Arc of Chemung

“Last year (2015) we asked Matt to help cover our HR needs at one of our hospitals while the Director was on a Leave of Absence.  Matt did a very fine job for us and did not hesitate in tackling a number of challenging situations.  Matt was instrumental in pulling together a detailed report on recent Labor Law changes and did an excellent job presenting his report to our Senior Leadership Team.  The report and presentation received many thanks and accolades here at Guthrie!”

Robert Hogan, Senior Director of HR

The Guthrie Clinic

“I had the pleasure of working with Matthew on a labor relations project for workforce education. I needed an outside source who had SPHR training,  understood labor laws, unionization, and could work with local businesses to obtain data. Matt was indeed the person for this job as his experience and knowledge in these areas were exactly what was needed to help formulate the plan. He delivered exactly what was asked of him in a timely manner and the project was completed. Would most definitely call on him in the future.”

Susan Gorman, (Former Director of Workforce Education)

Corning Community College

“Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Matt on a training development project.  Matt is smart, hardworking, and energetic.  When Matt takes on a challenge, he persists until it is conquered! “

Sue A. Dunn, (Former Corporate Outreach Specialist)

Corning Community College

“Matt’s talent in leadership, his commitment to results, along with his wisdom and
genuine caring of people helped transform my laboratory to the important next step
in continuous improvement. He’s a natural at speaking to and engaging with
people from all levels of business, be it the intern or CEO! Not only did he open
the door for dialog with employees that generated many ideas for improvement,
but more importantly gave them a real sense of empowerment and ownership in the
business that should be regarded as a model for future continuous improvement
Bill Prokopy, (Former Laboratory Manager)
Verso (NewPage) Corporation

“I was grateful for Matt’s leadership efforts resulting in our ability to eliminate wasteful hard copy time sheets with an electronic version allowing our supervisors to focus on actual value added tasks.  This allowed our employees to get instant feedback with the ability to enter the time into the time system to ensure their overtime and attendance was correct without calling Human Resources or a Supervisor.”

Tom LaChance, LSS/System’s Supervisor

Verso (NewPage) Corporation

“I first met Matt in 2012 when I went to work at the Bombardier Facility as Assistant General Manager at their Kanona, New York Plant.  Mr Burr was employed at this location the  Human Resources Department.
Matt demonstrated excellent communication skills especially with the Production Front Line Supervisors and Hourly Rated Team Members.  On a personal level, he’s charismatic and extremely well spoken, both qualities that have served Bombardier and himself well in his role in human resources and assisting in developing writing skills with the production supervisors.
First , Matt demonstrated a unique ability in gaining and maintaining respect of not only the Senior Management Team but in his overall relationship with the entire team, “NO MATTER WHAT YOUR POSITION WAS IN THE PECKING ORDER.“ He endeavored to spend as much time as possible  by walking around communicating  with the employees by being proactive rather then reactive.  He viewed being a firefighter was not being a successful HR Person.
Second’ Matt counseled the front line supervisors on report writing on team members both recommendations and needs for improvement in performance.  He constantly reminded supervisors the most severe thing they can do to one of their team members was to recommend they be dismissed for poor performance and as such they must make every effort to correct a behavioral problem and if that fails, then we recommend the employees services be terminated.  In Matt`s experience most employees respond to effective coaching from their supervisors.
Finally, Matt believed in spending as much time as possible in the trenches. He was always ready to lend a helping hand to his teammates and contributed to our brainstorming sessions and meetings with the various departments.  He is known as a stand up guy who supports his colleagues professionally and personally.
In closing’ I`d like to restate my strong support and admiration for Matt and his belief that our supervisors are somewhat like “farmers “  whose job is to develop their team to not only address the current tasks at hand but to prepare the `High Flyers“ for greater responsibilities within the organization.”

Brian “Bud” L. Simpson, (Former Assistant General Manager)

Bombardier Transportation

“Matthew played a key role in the turn-around.  With morale as low as I’ve ever seen, gaining the trust of the people and gaining alignment would require a heart and soul movement.  Along with many key leaders we were able to find in our midst, Matthew’s natural charisma put him in the forefront in this campaign.”

Daniel P. Blatt, (Former General Manager)

Bombardier Transportation

“Matt, was a true people person. Was excellent at making you look at things from both sides. The employees enjoyed Matt as he always made himself available and put them as the foundation of the team.  I would have Matt in any group, as he was a team player who held firm on the company rules but was very fair with the employees.”

Angelo Sciotti, Operations Manager

Bombardier Transportation

“I had the pleasure to work with Matt at Bombardier Transportation North American Division. As part of a multinational corporation I often collaborated with Matt on all aspects of Human Resources and relied on his expertise of US legislation, regulations and practice.  Matt is very knowledgeable, professional and a true people person.”

Isabella Lupu, (Former Human Resources Advisor-Toronto, Canada)

 Bombardier Transportation

“Often the daily challenges of a busy HR Department make special projects and intermittent needs seem insurmountable. Matthew Burr can deliver effective results for those needed work products in a timely manner backed by thorough research and sound thinking.”

Ray D. Frew, SPHR, (Former Industrial Relations Manager)

Kennedy Valve Manufacturing