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The featured in section provides links to past and current articles and videos Matthew Burr was quoted in for national and local organizations.

Elmira College Alumni Spotlight: October 2018

Lying on a Resume, Application, or Interview: Can You Do It? [99% Do!]

Advisor News: Should Employers Help Employees with Student Loan Debt?  Millennial’s Think So.


CNN Money Searching for a New Job While at your Current Job


Fast Company: Spotting a Lie on a Resume


SmartSheet: Human Resource Management

SmartSheet: Human Resources Planning Process

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Namely: Should HR Be Friends With Employees

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Wonolo: Best Side Hustles

Wonolo: Best Perks

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CEO Blog Nation: Entrepreneurs Explain Major Accomplishments in 2017

CEO Blog Nation: Blogging for Your Business


Fits Small Business: Employee Benefits

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My Twin Tiers: Workplace Relationships Amid Scandals

My Twin Tiers: Shared Work Space Issues


Mel Magazine: Crazy Interview Questions

Pier Point: Dishonest Candidate

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HR Zone: Community Engagement, What HR Professionals Think


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IdeaMensch: Featured Story


Debt Repayment Featured Stories


Student Loan Hero Featured Story

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Magnifymoney: People Who Paid Off Debt

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Business Insider: $74,000 of Student Loan Debt Repaid in Less Than 24-Months